“We’d Like to Make You an Offer”: Navigating the Job Offer Process

Learn how to evaluate and negotiate your job offer in this complimentary webinar.

Congratulations! After sending out resumes, applying online, networking at every chance, and painstakingly preparing yourself, you’ve made it through the interview process and you’re feeling confident about getting a job offer.

While it can be tempting to accept an offer on the spot, it’s important to take some time to think it through. Are you interested in assistance with evaluating an offer? Are you looking for tips on negotiating? We’re here to help!

We’ll help you navigate the job offer process from receiving the offer to submitting your official acceptance. Complete this process, get the details in writing, and all that’s left is celebrating your new role!

Watch this webinar recording here and fill out the form on this page to download the slides and recording.