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Work Matters: Diving into Business Transformation

Business transformation success can be elusive. Case in point: research shows that seven in 10 transformations ultimately fail.

In this issue of Work Matters, we’re examining several business transformation topics from two different, and sometimes opposing, angles. The goal is to help leaders understand that each company’s transformation path is their own, based on their unique challenges, business goals, and market opportunities.


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Supply Chain Transformation 

Supply chain operations are under the microscope. Forward-thinking companies are redesigning their operations to be agile, data-driven, and better aligned to the current state of business. Doing so takes the right vision - and the right team.


The Technology Issue

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology beyond our wildest imagination. Business leaders now need to decide the best way to move forward with newly implemented solutions. This issue of Work Matters features articles and interviews with leading experts, examining the impact and state of technology today.


Introducing Work Matters

The business world is in a state of transition. The way we utilize talent, how we get work done, what the workplace looks like, which talent strategies make the biggest impact - it’s all evolving. Our newest report taps into the expertise of our team to help companies predict what’s next and stay ahead in the world of work.


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