The Challenge

When two large, global commercial transportation companies merged, they needed to integrate two disparate payroll systems as part of the post-merger integration. The need for precision and a seamless transition was critical to the success of the merger, as well as to avoid costly fines and time delays. It was a complicated process, with over 90,000 employees involved, and the companies didn’t have the resources or capability to effectively manage the project in-house.

The Solution

Advanced Resources’ team was called into action to assess the scope challenge and develop a solution. We brought in 12 experts to manage the conversion and integration of the payroll system. The project lasted one year and included training to ensure a seamless transition back to the internal team, allowing their resources to focus on current daily activities demanded by the business

The Benefit

By utilizing the expertise provided by Advanced Resources, the company was able to achieve it’s goal by going live with no issues, on time, and 25% under budget. In the end, we helped our client save over 7,000 hours of project time and allowed its employees to instead focus on day-to-day operations and the completion of a successful merger.