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This Issue: Using Data to Recognize, Reward, and Retain High-Potential Employees

In this issue’s feature, “Using Data to Recognize, Reward, and Retain High-Potential Employees,” Adam Rogers explains how organizations can leverage Big Data to gain insight into the potential of candidates and employees. “Armed with this information,” he writes, “organizations can build succession plans, consider future compensation or professional development, and decide which top performers are worth long-term investments.” By developing high-potential employees, companies can help create the talent they need rather than simply hope to stumble across it.

If you are having trouble finding your perfect candidate “in the wild,” take some time to reconsider how—and where—you’re searching for and evaluating them. Maybe your holy grail is already right under your nose!

Also in this issue:

  • Promoting Respect and Collaboration in the Office
  • Reveal the Hidden Talent in Your Own Organization
  • The Future of the Applicant Tracking System
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